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Gemstones and beautiful rings

Wholesale Services

If your store or shop is JBT rated as a number 1 or 2 account, or if you are not Red Book listed but have suitable trade references, give us a call at 800-659-4367, and we can quickly set up a new wholesale jewelry account for your business.

We are experienced at describing our stones over the phone.  We can quote you firm prices, and once an account is established, can usually ship your order on approval the same day you place it.

In addition to the few select gems listed here, we carry a large inventory of stone types, sizes and qualities.  If necessary, we can custom cut a single stone to fit into your existing jewelry piece.  For large orders we can do specialized, custom, production cutting of your rough material.  Or, we can select rough material in a price range and cutting quality to fit your Company’s pricing needs.

We appreciate the opportunity to make you a customer with our quality and price; we intend to keep you as a customer with our service.  Our office is in Connecticut, we serve the entire New England area plus New York, call us.

Man putting gem stone on jewelry scales at table, closeup.jpg
Round shape diamond in hands of jeweller. Man jeweller examines a diamond. Gem grading and
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