Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Emergency tungsten ring removal

This posting is for those of you who may have purchased a tungsten carbide ring. In the case of a fat finger emergency where the ring needs to be cut off your finger, you will likely find that the medical facility has no capacity to cut the ring; standard gold cutters will not do the job.

Here is a simple procedure to get the ring off your hand:

  1. Get a bench Vise (or a set of vicegrip style pliers).

  2. Place Your finger inside the vice, making sure the ring is in the middle of the vice jaws.

  3. Tighten the vice slowly. After a slight tightening the ring will crack.

  4. As the ring cracks give the vice a good final tightening to break the ring into two pieces.

  5. Loosen the vise a bit and pull out your hand; use care as the ring edges are sharp where it has broken.

Best of luck......