Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Diamond Certificates

We are frequently asked about the differences in diamond grading labs.  Here is the results of an industry analysis of the more common grading labs.  REMEMBER, look at the diamond carefully to see if it it is suitable for your needs and pocketbook, the certification paper is only someone's opinion of how they would grade the stone.

Myth and Facts


  • “Diamonds graded by GIA-GTL have better resale liquidity”. Fact
  • "GIA is the strictest laboratory in the world" – Myth. According to this survey 8 out of 16 diamonds were graded more strictly by AGS. EGL tended to grade clarity more strictly.
  • "AGS is very strict" – A fact overall, but AGSL color grades can be softer than GIA-GTL.
  • "EGL certificates are not worth the paper they are printed on" – Myth. Although in 12 cases out of 17 EGL graded color softer, EGL clarity grading was as strict or stricter as GIA.
  • "GIA has the strongest international diamond brand" - Fact.
  • "It is safer to buy a GIA graded diamond" - Myth. Any diamond grading report is an opinion, not a guarantee.