Monday, March 26, 2012

Bad Diamond Certification alert!!!!!

NATIONAL JEWELER MAGAZINE in their online publication just provided the following information (03/26/12).  This sort of information is highly important to remember if you find yourself wanting to only evaluate a diamond certification instead of inspecting the gem itself. 

Antwerp--HRD Antwerp announced Friday that it has fired four diamond graders for what the laboratory is calling “an unprofessional act” and is conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

Lab General Manager Georges Brys said on Friday that three of the graders were let go last Thursday and the fourth on Friday. He would neither confirm nor deny reports that the firings were related to bribery.

“We have not made any statements in that direction,” he said.

Brys also denied reports that the police were involved at this point, noting that the internal investigation will indicate whether it’s a criminal matter that will require police intervention.

“They were fired based on the fact that they have made a professional mistake,” he said. “We have not yet any evidence pointing in that direction.”

He said the graders involved had been employees of the lab between eight and 11 years. It’s unclear for how long these “professional mistakes” have been occurring, and it is also unknown how long the internal investigation will take, Brys said.